Often regulators and/or engineers are faced with the need to determine performance characteristics not covered by national test standards. This laboratory works with clients to develop and perform tests which respond to these needs. We work closely with our clients to develop appropriate test protocols, fabricate the equipment and perform the tests.

As new products are manufactured or as new or expanded uses of existing products for the civil and waste management industry develop, JLT performs tests to evaluate their effectiveness, durability and performance. We also assist manufacturers in the development of new tests to evaluate their product’s anticipated performance in a working environment. Forensic testing of products or testing related to failures are also performed through this laboratory under the direction of a Professional Engineer with over forty (40) years of experience.

We house a large inventory of parts and equipment and have contacts with hundreds of vendors and fabricators to assist us in the fabrication of equipment. JLT also has a shop to fabricate many parts and equipment in house. All project specific tests developed by JLT become the sole property of our clients.