This laboratory performs physical and engineering property tests on soils and aggregates per ASTM, AASHTO, PTM, Corps of Engineers and other nationally recognized procedures. We have the equipment to perform over 130 tests per ASTM Standards. Significant equipment includes nine (9) consolidation units, five (5) compression load frames for triaxial testing, 38 triaxial panels and 50+ triaxial cells up to 6 inches in diameter. We also house four (4) direct shear / residual shear units and a wide range of permeameters ranging from 1.4 inches in diameter to 12 inches in diameter.

Other load frames for strength testing range from 5,000 lbs to 450,000 lbs. Equipment for compatibility testing includes 32 units to simultaneously perform tests on soils, barrier walls and GCL’s. Data is collected manually or electronically and reduced using either commercial programs or in house developed programs such as LOTUS and EXCEL spreadsheets.