JLT Laboratories, Inc. (Formally J&L Testing Company, Inc.) was established in 1980 to service the geotechnical and geosynthetic testing needs of the civil, environmental and waste management industries. Over the past 27+ years, the firm has grown from our initial 9,000 square foot office and laboratory with 2 major expansions. In 1992 we added 1,750 square feet of laboratory and office space and in 2007, we completed a 3,000 square foot expansion to the laboratory for a total of 13,750 square feet.

The facility operates 4 basic laboratories including a geotechnical laboratory, geosynthetic laboratory, materials modification and hydraulics laboratory and a research and development laboratory. Supporting the facility, JLT maintains a library of over 6,000 publications including ASTM test methods dating back before the 1960’s. We also maintain technical publications from a wide range of sources including many original lectures notes from Karl Terzaghi, Arthur Casagrande, Harry Seed, T.W. Lamb and others. Other publications include ASTM STP’s, EPA guidance documents and manuals, AASHTO manuals, conference proceedings, NAVDOCK manuals, text books and a wide range of technical publications and periodicals from around the world.

The laboratory is managed by a registered professional engineer with over 40 years of testing and design experience.