With our latest expansion, JLT now has a separate climate controlled laboratory to perform tests on grouts, slurries, backfill materials, preparation of design mixes for barrier walls and development of design mixes to stabilize waste or improve the properties of soils. We have over 40 types of additives in house to improve the performance of materials such as strength, creep resistance and permeability per ASTM, API and in house JLT test methods. Barrier wall design types have included soil-bentonite, soil-cement-bentonite, cement-bentonite, polymer and unique walls containing a variety of additives such as organo clays, attapulgite, slag cement and a wide range of proprietary products.

We have developed recipes to stabilize a wide range of waste from soft soil like organic wastes to tars, DNAPL, LNAPL and other unique wastes such as sanitary and animal wastes.