JLT Laboratories, Inc. maintains a multi-level QA/QC program. From the time the sample arrives to the presentation of final results, samples are checked from arrival to verify quality for the specified testing to the final report. Samples are logged in and the assignment sheet is prepared. The manager then assigns the testing to the technicians. During the test, the laboratory manager monitors the testing to insure that the tests are performed properly and again when the testing is complete. Data is reduced by one of our commercial or in house generated programs, checked again and then sent to the client.

Equipment – All equipment is manufactured by nationally recognized firms to comply with the appropriate Standards. It is maintained and checked routinely for compliance per JLT’s in house QA/QC program. Equipment is also calibrated routinely by independent calibration firms or in house with calibrated test equipment.

Training – All technicians are subject to a 3 part training program consisting of classroom training, followed by witnessing and performing the tests under direction of the manager. The third training phase is to perform the testing on materials of known properties. Once the technician passes this 3 part training program, the technician is certified for that specific test.