Consulting services are provided through J & L Engineering and Mr. John (Jack) Boschuk Jr., P.E. Mr. Boschuk has more then 40 years of testing and design experience related to landfills, waste containment systems, waste ponds, barrier walls and stabilization. His career started at Lehigh University where he also worked for Dames and Moore in New York. While at the University of California at Berkeley, he also performed testing for Dames and Moore in San Francisco.

As a Captain in the Army Corps of Engineers, he also managed numerous Dames and Moore projects in Honolulu. As a Captain, work included design and consulting of Fukuji Dam, Okinawa, consultant to numerous projects in Honolulu, Guam, Korea, Japan, Okinawa and other countries. He spent 9 years with Woodward and Clyde in Philadelphia, Orbital Engineering in Pittsburgh and Hart Environmental, Pittsburgh while operating his own laboratory (J & L Testing Company). In 1980, he established J & L Testing Company and J & L Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Boschuk performed much of the original research on geomembranes, geotextiles, geonets/geocomposites and GCL’s. His work has covered the globe with projects in Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Japan, Korea, China, Australia and other countries. Mr. Boschuk specializes in the geotechnical and geosynthetic components of projects as well as slurry walls and waste / material stabilization projects. He is also a certified forensic engineer in geotechnical and geosynthetic engineering.